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1st Marchwood Guide Company has unfortunately been suspended until further notice.

Feel free to get intouch for more  information.

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Welcome to 1st Marchwood Guides

We meet every Thursday evening during term time from 7pm to 8.30pm

We also have various events during the year:

* Moonlight Madness - this is an event which takes place at night, at the Guide centre at Foxlease. The guides have to complete various tasks, in patrols, in the dark, and we finish with hot chocolate/soup and something to eat. (Well, the Guides all seem to enjoy it anyway!)

* Camp - we always try to go to camp at least once a year. We sometimes go with 2nd Marchwood Guides, and sometimes with the whole of the Division.

* There are also sports events, sleep-overs, District events and many more.

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